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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shutting Down For Now

*Sigh*  There's not much to be reported around here, at lest in terms of DIY.  I'm currently preparing for surgery on the 24th and after that there will be no DIY in my life for at least six weeks, but probably longer.  I find it very depressing.  I did manage to build a matching armrest/bedrail thing for the left side of the raised storage bed.  I have not installed it yet however, probably because I've put every single tool back down in the basement since I know I won't be using them.  Yesterday I had to search for a tape measure instead of knowing exactly where it was.  I don't even know where my beloved tool belt is hiding. 

Not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post, but, my daughter has made a few requests to modify her bed.  She takes after her mother.  She would like doors to cover the bookcases.  This is mainly because we adopted a beautiful 12 month old Jack Russell Terrier this week and he still chews anything that may look like one of his toys.  I personally like the idea because it will make her room look cleaner.  She may be changing her mind about the cubby hole storage/play area.  We saw a photo of a storage bed that had drawers and she said that I should do that in her room.  I may make drawers there after all.  I've also planned out her play kitchen which is somewhat of a hack of the new IKEA DUKTIG model mixed with the retro style kitchen I posted before.  I hope it works out but I won't know until after I recover enough to start building again.

Around the rest of the house there has been work galore, but nothing of the building or reno variety.  In preparation for the dog adoption interview, combined with the fact the my mother will be living with us for a week post surgery,  I wanted the house to be presentable.  I had to enlist the help of A_____ and together we moved moved furniture to the basement, moved furniture from one room to another, moved boxes, moved, moved, moved!  And then when A____was gone, I moved some more.  I should write a post about the "Forearm Forklift",  which I bought for the task.  As far as I'm concerned it only works if you're moving in a place with no tight corners and tons of headroom.

 In other news, the pool needs shocking and a good vacuum.  The hedge needs trimming.  Rat cage, litter tray, bird cage all need cleaning, garbage needs prep for the bulk pick up this week, laundry needs doing, bathroom needs cleaning and I need a good hot bath, manicure and pedicure.


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