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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stop Work Order

Just kidding, we're having a well deserved break tomorrow and heading up to visit family.  I didn't do any painting today, but I did move more furniture.  I've already moved 4 huge bookcases into two different rooms and carried a dresser downstairs by myself.  Today I moved the old twin bed (which is a storage box spring device and is super heavy) from my daughter's room into what used to be the spare room until it can be put into place in the 4th bedroom (which I can't get into at the moment).  I was then able to move the dresser (which needs some trim and a new coat of paint) back into my daughter's room along with her toy chest.  The toy chest is pine and it used to be mine, then my brother's after me.  We're going to paint it white and make it into a "sofa" for my daughter's new living room, I think.  It's good toy storage and saves me having to build anything.  I also moved up a second hand table that will be her new coffee table once I saw a few inches off the legs.  Still debating which saw will be suitable for this.  I don't want to have to do it by hand, I think I'm getting lzy with all these power tools.  The legs are round and I'm wondering if there's any safe way to use a mitre saw for this job?  Not sure.  A question best answered on another day....

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