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Friday, January 7, 2011

Daily Chores Chart

A little while ago I made some great write on, wipe off frames for the main hallway.  I was happy enough with them and my daughter enjoyed them, so all was well.  The other day I finished making the purse rack for the front hall and decided all the artwork in the vicinity had to be changed.  Today I completed 2 of the 4 frames.  Boy am I glad I took the time to work on these.  Not only did it take much less time than the original ones, I think they look way better.  Much cleaner, neater and brighter looking.  Not so visually distracting.  Many thanks to the Graphics Fairy for all the antique black and white drawings I used in these projects.  I'd have been lost if I hadn't found her site with all it's amazing free graphics a while back.  Some of the images I used started out in colour, or aged antique looking and I edited them in Photoshop to make them black and white before adding them to my project.

Here is the Daily Chore Chart Before...

And here it is after...

Since my daughter's name is Bailey, I thought it would be a nice idea to use only graphics of things that start with the letter "B".  I love the way it turned out.  Here's what the image looks like on it's own...

I compiled the chart in Photoshop and used the font  "SchoolHouse Cursive B" for all the type.  I use a lot of 30x40cm frames from IKEA, so I've created a template to make printing easier.  I get prints like this one done at COSTCO and the closest size they have to the IKEA frame is 12"x18".  So, the canvas size is set to 12"x18" and then there are guides set to mark the outline of the 11 3/4"x15 3/4" IKEA size.  I just trim away the excess when I get the print back.  Unfortunately I accidentally flattened this image when I saved it and I can't go back and edit any of the details unless I start again from scratch.  This means that after I submitted the photo order for printing late last night and then got up in the morning I realized I'd done this....
I couldn't go back and quickly fix it.  One of my guides was covering up the line I had added and I didn't even realize I'd messed up until by chance I cleared all the guides.  Luckily COSTCO prints quickly, I ended up clone stamping out that extra line and resent another order before breakfast.  Both orders were ready for pick-up at the same time but I wasted $4 on the print which could have been avoided by being more careful.  Actually, I haven't really proof read the type either and I'm afraid to at this point.  There's probably spelling errors in there somewhere.

One frame down, now to post the other one I completed.  Can't wait to see how they all look grouped together on the wall!

The Graphics Fairy


  1. Very cute! Love that the images all start with the Letter B and that made me think of elementary school papers.