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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Play Kitchen Faucet

I'm running out of time to get projects finished before I have to put the tools away again and switch focus back to photography.  I decided there was no time like the present to get the "faucet" attached to the play kitchen now that my daughter has decided that she wants it.  In reality it's an 8" shower arm that comes complete with metal flange for about $8.  You can get it in brushed metal, which would have matched the rest of the unit better, but it's about $12.  It also comes in white.  The package said it was a 1/2" threaded end but I realized after drilling partway through the back splash that they meant the end that attaches to the shower head.  The part that goes into the wall requires a 3/4" hole.  At least I didn't mess it up the other way around!

I just eyeballed the placement on this one.  Right now measuring requires too much work :)

Voila, it just screws right in!

And there you have it, one makeshift kitchen faucet.  
Word of caution, I'd advise doing this with a back splash higher than 5"(mine's a 1x6).  The tip of the faucet is quite close to the sink which means it has to be tipped on an angle to get the bowl out when filling with or dumping out water.  Chance of spillage increases exponentially!  I could use a pipe cutter and make the faucet shorter too, but that would leave rough, sharp edges that I don't want to deal with.

Immediately after taking this photo, I asked my daughter what she thought of the improvement.  She said "It's great!  Now when I have a friend over, they can stand behind the counter and pour water through the pipe and it will come out into the bowl and I won't have to go to the bathroom to fill it."  Ummmm,  though I applaud that bit of logic, and she's theoretically correct because it would work; that's NOT what I wanted to facilitate.

Now, to paint those "hot" and "cold" taps.....


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