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Friday, December 31, 2010

Play Kitchen Faucet Knobs

At least this particular project is another step closer to completion.  Today I painted the pink details on the hot and cold knobs and installed them.  I think they look cute with the new faucet.  Sure, the word hot is smaller than cold and my border went a bit wonky, so what?  I have to keep reminding myself; it's a play kitchen.  I'm not selling it, I'm not getting graded on it and in the end as long as my daughter is happy with it then all is well.  I need to relax a bit.  After everything was installed I went back and applied a coat of clear acrylic craft varnish over all the knobs, both stove and sink.  I hadn't gotten around to that earlier.  Here's a closeup of my handiwork...

 With any luck this will be the last post of the year so Happy new Year to one and all and here's hoping for many successful DIY and craft project in 2011!

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