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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekly Menu Frame

So, the second frame I got done today was the Weekly Menu.  I only plan Monday - Friday because my daughter is not with me every other weekend and I just play it by ear when she's not here and also, we're often off visiting Grandma or other family on weekends so there's not much need for a Sat/Sun spot.  Plus, it gives me more room to write in the less days I have listed.

Here's what the Weekly Menu looked like before...
And here's the new and improved version...
I think it looks great.  Once again, same as the Chore Chart, I used images I found on The Graphics Fairy.  Actually, the knife, fork and spoon are all from the same image and can be found here.  I simply opened the image in Photoshop and cropped each element out individually so I could use them on their own.

The menu is formatted the same as the first, for printing as a 12"x18" photo, to be cropped and used in a 30cmx40cm frame.   The frame I use is this one from IKEA....

I find it works great to hang this size frame with two hook and loop fasteners (one in each top corner) from 3M.  This means they can be removed or re-organized at any time without worry.  I've had these ones up for months, and have been writing on them daily, without any problems.  It also means my 8yr old daughter can take them off the wall herself and write on them to "help" me.

Here's the full size image, should anyone wish to print one for themselves. Double click on the photo and it will take you to the Picasa album.  Double click the image in the album to open it then click on the "Download" tab and then "Download Photo".  Enjoy!

P.S.  If anyone knows of an easier way to make full size images available here, please let me know.  I've been researching since last night and this was the best I came up with :)

The Graphics Fairy


  1. This is absolutely brilliant! Very well done! Thanks for sharing!