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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23, 2010-Water Clarity

If the water still isn't perfectly clear by tomorrow I'm to add a litre of clarifier and wait for it to settle, vacuum and see what happens. How clear should I be expecting? Maybe I'm expecting too much? I can't seem to remember other pools because I wasn't specifically paying attention to how far I could see. Next door's pool has a solid blue liner I think and it's a different colour blue so I can't tell how far down I'm seeing. At this point I'm so used to struggling with the pool, not to mention spending (at minimum)$40 every time I set foot in a pool store that just getting into the groove of doing "basic" stuff like biweekly shocking and chlorine top-ups seems wrong. I'll wait and see what tomorrow brings. Supposed to thunderstorm tonight which could make life interesting anyway.

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