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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 20-23rd - SUCCESS!

Sunday: I did my last vacuum to waste, thank goodness.
Monday: I vacuumed to filter and nothing broke, also thank goodness. I also took the water in to be tested and needed to add 6kg of Alkadjuster. Apparently this can help clear up cloudy water. Same company but different girl told me to dissolve the chemical in water before adding. This container also said to simply distribute around the edge of the pool. I tried doing both. Dissolving didn't work so well with Alkadjuster it just sank to the bottom of the bucket and was hard to get out. Broadcasting was easier but in a slight wind some blows away. Chlorine was still registering over 5. I turned the chlorinator down from 7 to 2.
Tuesday: It looks clearer! I vacuumed what may be the last large remnants from the deep end. I also found the culprit at the bottom...a rock no larger than my fist. I was underwhelmed but should be thankful it wasn't something that was harder to remove or something that did damage. By mid afternoon it was looking so nice I decided to take my daughter to the pool company to get the water tested after school and if it was good we'd go was good!!!
Today: I went into the pool with a pair of goggles and a scrub brush to try and tackle stains on the sides of the pool - especially the corners. They're kind of brownish-yellow. Some of it came up, especially under the ladder, but most of it looks like it's either really stuck in there or it's permanent staining of the liner. In my underwater scrubbing mission I also unfortunately found a 1-2cm tear in the corner of the deep end - under the water line. Sigh, this one looks old as the edges are stained rust coloured. Will either have to call in a patch specialist or attempt to buy a patch kit and do it myself. First guests to marvel at my success (hardly) coming Saturday for a test swim. I feel like patting myself on the back except I'm nowhere close to being finished...

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