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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Get The Duck Out (please)

That's right, they're back.  Second day in a row that Mr&Mrs Mallard have shown up in my pool.  Today things were getting frisky between the two of them and I let out a groan of despair because this seems to mean that they really do like our backyard.  I let Oliver out to try and scare them away, but no luck.  They just jumped back in the pool and swam around until he lost interest and wanted to come inside.  I can't let Fry out without a leash because he has none of the reservations about water that Oliver has and he'll jump right into the pool to try and catch them.  I let him out on the long leash and that didn't work either.  They're still swimming around as I type this.  Perhaps they're still just test driving different properties before they settle down?

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