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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cute New Centerpiece

I've been so busy lately working on getting my business up and running there's been no time for fun stuff like craft projects, DIY adventures or baking.  That's a little depressing for me since I really love each little push of progress around the house.  What's lifted my spirits is this...

Aren't they sweet?  One day my kitchen will be a cute and cottage-like, retro, red and white place.  But the kitchen is very last on my list of DIY projects and some days it feels like I'll just never get there.  So when my mom and I went shopping recently at a local consignment shop and I saw these two adorable little containers I thought they were so much fun, but not necessary and I wasn't going to buy them.  They're little covered dishes and one is a hen sitting on her nest, the other is a pigeon (or dove) sitting on her own little nest.  They both appear to be milk glass and one is from the Avon company.   Mom bought them for me and I'm so thankful she did.  She also brought dessert over on that fabulous spotted cake stand.  Once she and her husband left I was wondering where I was going to put everything (storage is a bit of an issue for me) and I came up with this little arrangement.  

Two little birds sitting on a cake stand on top of a doily my grandmother (who is sadly no longer with us) crocheted many, many years ago.  It makes me smile every time I see this little grouping on my table.  It gives me a glimpse of what my kitchen will one day be, it reminds me that spring is eventually coming and it's just in time for Valentine's Day.  Perfect!

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