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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Almost Free & Removeable Custom Glassware!

                                                   {excited jumping up and down}

How cute is that?!  Today I remembered to fish out our meager Valentine's Day decorations so that when my daughter came home from school we could try our best to make the house look a little more festive.  As we were putting the re-positionable plastic decals on the living room windows - available at any dollar store for about a dollar for a sheet of around six designs - I had an idea.  If these things stick to the windows, why not stick them all over the vases, jars and other clear glass containers I have on the mantle?

I'm sure someone else out there has already thought of this, I'm sure they've made it look much better than I have too.  I'm so excited I don't really care because it worked and look what I managed to create...

I think they look fabulous and my mind is racing as I think of all the possibilities.  Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Canada Day, Mother's Day, Spring, Summer, Birthday Party.  I bet there are tons and tons of "occasions" to put this cheap and cheerful idea to good use.  The best part?  When I'm tired of it all I have to do is peel them off and put them in a box until next year.  No gooey residue, no storing boxes and boxes of themed "stuff" in the basement never to be seen again.  Second best part?  I already had the glassware and the decals were a total of maybe $1.25.  That truly is almost free!  Now, if these are great on vases and such, what else could they be used for?  I'm thinking clear glass plates arranged on a wall would be a fabulous idea.  How many other uses could there be?

I joined the party!!!
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  1. Those are some great looking decals, and I love the way that they gave your glassware such a chic boutique look! Sometimes the simplest ideas are really the best and most brilliant! Both your recipe and craft posts are so appreciated at Rook No. 17!