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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Liner Holes Continued

This is the product I used to patch

I think I may actually be learning, finally. I called V___M____ this morning to inquire about having the hole in my liner patched. It's $250 for electronic underwater leak detection which includes repairing up to six holes. Since I didn't know who else to contact and I was frustrated, I just wanted it fixed. I thought "What the heck, just do it." so I asked for an appointment to get it done. While they were telling me days they could come out a little voice in my head was pestering me and I actually listened to it. I said I had to check my calendar and I'd get back to them. What I actually did was call P___Pools and see if they have a DIY kit. They do. I drove over and picked up a kit for just over five dollars, jumped in the pool and patched not only the hole in the deep end but also the one I made in the liner bead. Now, I don't know if it'll hold. I don't know how long it'll last. But, BUT it was $5 instead of $250. I just theoretically saved myself $245. At the very least I can see if the pool level drops any further which will tell me if there are any other leaks to deal with. Jeez, I'm supposed to be doing as much as I can myself and yet when it comes to certain areas (like the pool) I keep forgetting that it's an option. Fingers crossed the glue holds. It's showing no signs of coming off my fingers any time soon!

Tear below the waterline, after the repair.
You can barely see the patch. I'm so glad
my daughter saved her allowance to buy
herself that fancy underwater camera :)
The hole I made with the screwdriver, after
the repair.

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