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Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13, 2010

I'm conflicted about how this past weekend went. On the one hand it was important for me to do what I did, which was spend almost every waking moment watching the live web cast from Creative Live of Zack Arias so I could learn about studio lighting from a pro photographer. On the other hand I did next to nothing with the house, which made me feel terrible. Today during the scheduled breaks and before the online class started I edged the small garden around the tree in the front lawn. This made me feel good since it was looking kinda scraggly and overgrown and now it looks neater. Tomorrow I'll have to go around it with the hedge trimmers to tidy the grass right along the edge because seeing a neat and trimmed edge is just one of those "things" that does it for me. I look at it and it makes me feel happy. I also got to finish edging the garden that runs along one entire long side of the backyard. I had planned on making a completely straight edge from one end to the other but it would have left almost no grass between the garden and the pool at the far end. Now it's a soft undulating line and since I have gone along the edge with hedge trimmers to tidy the grass I can look at it with a feeling of peaceful satisfaction even though it's just and edge and the rest of the garden is still full of weeds and garbage and who knows what else. At least something got done. The pool looks exactly the same as yesterday. I left the pump and filter running overnight to see if that did anything to the water clarity. Nope. The girl at the water counter of P_____ Pools said I should just add chlorine and the water would clear up. Well, the chlorine is still off the charts, though lower than yesterday, and it's not one iota clearer. Time for bed. More jobs on tomorrow's list.

Thanks to A____ for helping me dig out the sod after I cut the edges. Much faster with two people.

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