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Friday, December 31, 2010

Builder's Remorse

Well, I finished the purse rack.  First off, there's so much wrong with that photo I find it physically painful to post.  There is not a single window in the vicinity and it's a dull, dreary day.  I'm using a point and shoot camera, that means auto flash.  Bleagh.  I could have hauled out my camera, and a tripod and spent more time than necessary making a better photo but, since I currently hate this project, it's not important enough for me to make the effort and invest the time.  I painted two coats of semi gloss white last night before bed.  Then I distressed the iron hooks.
I love the hooks.  I think they look old and beat up and have character.  Plus, it won't matter when I scratch them by accident.  I actually like the finished purse rack a lot.  On it's own.  What I don't like is how it looks in my hall.  It totally doesn't go with my kitschy signs.  The hooks would have looked better if I'd left them black.  They'd tie in with the lettering on the "Keep Calm" canvas and form a more cohesive grouping.  I also think the purse rack would look really nice with a thin black line defining the edge of the router detail, but that's just not the look I'm going for.  It would also look great with a crackle finish but since I've already attached it to the wall I'm loathe to take it off unless I have to.

What's the solution?  Unfortunately I think the answer is removing all the multi-coloured signs and replacing them with a nice big B&W print in a white frame.  Do you know what that means?  More work for me, that's what.  This project was supposed to take something off my plate, not add more to it  If I change the artwork here then I'll have to redesign the menu boards and to-do lists here...

 Bottom line?  This is going to cost me a small fortune and about 40 hours of design work (minimum).  All for a darned purse rack.  Yes, I could just make another purse rack instead but where's the challenge in that?

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