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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Biscotti Bonanza

This December I took on the task of creating biscotti gift baskets to make some extra money to put towards my daughter’s 2011 summer camp fund.  It ended up meaning that I had to bake 15 dozen biscotti in three different flavours then package them up as gift baskets for delivery within one week.  Maybe there are people out there can can do this without breaking a sweat.  I am not one of those people.  I test baked the three varieties I’d chosen back in November and then had to revamp the recipes because they just weren’t perfect.  Once everything was baked I designed packaging and then packed those little suckers up into pkgs of four and eight cookies.  The small baskets would have one dozen biscotti, the large would have two.  I didn’t sleep much that week, but once it was all done I was pretty proud of the end result.  Since I baked a bunch more to give as Christmas gifts to friends and family and I keep getting compliments on the taste I’ll call this effort a success!  If I do this next year however, I will be much more organized and better prepared.

Baking on day one.

Packaging and label design.

Large baskets.

Small baskets (without cello so you can actually see the contents).

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