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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I know, it's a lot of crafty stuff for someone whose blog is supposed to be about renovating her house.  The energy has to go somewhere and besides, I have a lot of diverse interests, this is just the tip of the iceberg really.  To continue on with the post surgery crafts, I also did some fun fall baking when the weather went from unseasonably hot to drab and cold and damp in the space of a week.  I got the idea to make Banana Bread Biscotti at a blog called Rook No.17 and boy what a great recipe that was!  I substituted almonds for the walnuts or pecans that were listed in the recipe and they turned out just fine in my opinion.  I also used chocolate chips, which the instructions advise against, but while melting them I added a little bit of canola oil to soften it up.  Worked great.  Here they are on the tray...
And here they are right after I finished dipping them with my daughter's help.  You can't really see them very well, but that's probably because there's a certain daughter's face in the way, gobbling up the leftover chocolate from the dipping tray!
I was planning on taking some really nice photos of the biscotti (really, I was!) but then I ended up bringing them to our parent council meeting and they were gobbled up.

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