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Friday, July 2, 2010

Second Bedroom Begins!

My daughter is off for ten days on a vacation with her father and that means it's time to start on her room. I'm hoping to have it at the very least functional upon her return. That's going to be a pretty mean feat if I can do it. I don't have my inspiration photos (ripped from magazines of course) scanned and I can't take time out at the moment to do that so I'll have to save it for another day. Right now all I've got done is to strip one wall of wallpaper, partially sew full length pinch pleated draperies to go along one entire wall of her room (they need tweaking) and to sew a new duvet cover for her bed (it still needs ties or snaps or something to close the open end). I don't have a sewing machine to finish those two tasks, I borrowed one to do the original sewing job. I used to have three functional sewing machines and at the moment I have one, my grandmother's, which is missing all it's accessories and desperately needs a tune up. The sad thing is that it would be cheaper to buy a brand new plastic cheap machine than to fix up and refresh my old metal workhorse. I don't want to break down and give in but this may come down to money unless I can borrow another machine to finish what I need to do. I have to build a raised bed platform with built in bookshelves and a stack of drawers. I have a drill, a jigsaw, circular saw, palm sander, table saw (still in the box I carried it home from the store in) and a chop saw which I haven't used in almost ten years. Last summer I built a rat cage that looks like an "antique" pie safe (topic for another post) using only a mitre box, hand saw, drill and a chisel, however, a built in raised bed platform it was not. This will be my first "real" project in a very long time and I'm pretty rusty. I'm using tools I've never used before (table saw) and I can't move the furniture out of the room. To say that I have mixed feelings about the whole thing would be an understatement. To top it off, today I went to I____ and bought the items I needed to "finish" some of her room BEFORE I even get started with the real work. I needed eight doors for her bookshelves since I don't think they're going to be selling the style I want next season and five picture frames for the B&W photo wall I have planned for her. That trip cost me $420.00. That's about $80.00 short of what I was hoping to spend on the entire project. That's when I know I must be attempting one of my "things". That rat cage I mentioned? I hated the store bought ones they sell in the stores and I saw homemade rat "grottos" people had made and thought to myself "Surely I could do better AND do it cheaper!" I was half right. I think the cage is a triumph of form and function. Unfortunately the cheap part ended when I bought the second hand bookshelf to use as it's base at a charity shop. From that point on the price tag just got higher and higher and higher. That "cheap and cheerful" cage cost me over $200.00. I now estimate that my daughter's bedroom will roll in somewhere around $1,000.00. For a custom room that's pretty good I guess. Of course if I'd kept it simple and just painted and sewed and not got all these fancy ideas I'd be almost finished and not facing a huge bill. Where's the fun in that though?

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