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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rainy Day?

It's supposed to thunder storm all day today and tomorrow.  Though it's dark and cloudy and damp, there is no rain, yet.  I'm deciding whether or not to chance taking the saw outside and working regardless.  It'll mean keeping a close watch on the sky and running outside to quickly dismantle should the rain come.  I'm favouring the idea of trying to work.  I'd hate to lose ground at this point.  I've taken a photo of the garden this morning, which also happens to show how nice and blue and clear the water of the pool is since the algaecide treatment last night.  Unfortunatley I can't find a photo of the garden before, though I know I've taken tons.  Suffice it to say, it's a big change.  The plan is to keep the Forsythia hedge, take everything else out and move it elsewhere (that's two huge poppies, four clumps of as yet unidentified flowers, three rspberry bushes and at least four or five roses).  Leave a gap for a large bench to store pool related stuff and then plant another hedge on the other end by the evergreens.  I need something that grows fast, dense and tall as I like the privacy the hedge provides.  I read on the internet that you can make a hedge out of some varieties of Blueberry, but there are a few problems with this idea.  One is that I'd have to be sure that it could hold a more formal shape, two is that each mature bush can yield 20lbs of fruit and I'd be planting 8-10 of them and three is the mess of flowers in the spring and fruit being dropped and eaten by birds in summer.  I have time to think about it however as this project has to wait until at the very least, next year.  I've also been thinking about the planned raised vegetable/fruit bed at the far end of the pool.  There are tons of plants/bulbs there that need moving as well and yet more roses.  This should be done this fall or next spring if we're to start planting /growing veg next year.  Anyway, I'll search for the photos of the overgrown garden and get started on cutting before the rain hits.

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