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Friday, July 9, 2010

Progess and a Bit of Peace

I've patched the drywall which was therapeutic and familiar but having to move around the bed and bookcases was a pain.  There's simply too much "stuff" in this house and seeing my daughter's room stripped down made me consider getting rid of a lot of it.  It would be so nice to be stuff-less.  Also, I had such a hard time maneuvering the bookcases around I had to wonder if I'm starting to get old?  In my early twenties moving stuff like that was commonplace and seemed much easier.  If I get to my forties and find that I can't move a dining table or the sofa or some other such thing, what then?  If the old guy down the street can still look after his lawn and trim his hedge and haul his garbage to the curb every week surely I can move some measly furniture around within the next twenty years or so?  I also realized something, or I guess I remembered it.  Drywall compound is messy.  I didn't cover anything with drop cloths and though I didn't make a huge mess I did drop blobs of compound on various places on the floor, it's on my clothing and on my feet, which I've just had pedicured.  Now, I've seen pros do drywalling and plastering and all the ones I've seen are men and they make almost no mess at all (I suspect there must be women in these professions but I've never seen one).  As I scraped blobs of compound off the floor I wondered if those men are married and I also wondered if their wives complain about them making messes at home and that set me off on a whole tangent of marital relationships that ended with the idea that those men should invite their wives to try a hand at their jobs one day and see who makes a mess then.  Well, that's enough of that.  I've got some pictures of my progress so far, which isn't all that much really.
The top photo shows where the shelves were removed, the one on the bottom left is some of the damage after removing the wallpaper and the one on the bottom right is after my first pass of compound, but before sanding.  There are nail holes everywhere in this room.  I don't get it, some of them are really high up too which makes no sense to me.  Most of the damaged parts seem to be on outside walls, I don't know if that's coincidence or has something to do with the fact that the walls have little to no insulation in them.  I wish I had a wide angle lens to get a better view of the room.

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