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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh no, MORE ideas!

I found this great blog yesterday by Anna White called Knock-Off Wood.  She hacks furniture from major retailers as well as a host of other places and creates plans for anyone and everyone to build them.  Amazing stuff, this woman is a queen of DIY.  Unfortunately she's also a great inspiration and looking through her site gave me an idea (like I need more of them).  Bailey insists she wants her room to be like an "apartment".  She wants to entertain there, she wants a living room area, a bedroom area a kitchen area and so on.  That's a lot of "areas" for a room that started out around 9'x11'.  Now with the built in bed it's even less room.  However, I saw Ana's plans for a play kitchen, which looks pretty small, and wondered to myself "Hmmm, I wonder if that could be worked into B_____'s room?"  I may be able to fit a tiny kitchen area with a small coffee table and two tiny chairs.  Have to go measure and plan but I think it would be so cute.  She could pretend she lives in NYC ;)

I wanted to show a photo of the play kitchen I saw on the Knock-Off Wood blog.  Kristen Wright from had created the most beautiful retro looking version of Ana's kitchen plans.  I emailed to get permission to post a photo and Kristen agreed! So, here it is...

How cute is that???  And it's not that big either so it may just fit in B_____'s room after all!  B____ says she can't wait to try it out but she thinks (and I quote) that it might take a million years.  Cheeky!  Below is the link to Kristen's site...

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