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Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27, 2010 - New Toilet? Not yet.

I went shopping the other day to one of my favourite places and I unfortunately saw a lovely white toilet for $89.00. That's for the dual flush, two piece model. The single piece, dual flush model was $149.00. It made me mad. My bathroom is ugly. I'm not kidding around, a child who visitied my house was once so scared to use it he asked his mom to come with him. That's a new measure of ugly, when it evokes fear. It started out as simply plain old out of date. Then one day I decided that enough was enough and ripped off the wallpaper. It was pink striped. I figured I'd rip it all off and then wash the walls and repaint. Not to happen. There was a reason someone put wallpaper in that bathroom. The walls were in horrible shape with peeling layers of paint of unknown age, home repairs and renovations obviously done either in haste or without care. There's a huge patch in the wall from when the Jacuzzi tub was put in and they wired it to the that's why there was a big bulge in the wall over there! When I removed the paper around the medicine cabinet half the drywall came with it. They had installed a fancy new medicine cabinet with integrated light fixture by simply cutting a hole in the wall and hooking new wires to the old ones in the box with wire nuts, tucking everything back into the box and drywalling over the mess. Then they ran out of drywall tape and halfway around the cabinet theres MASKING TAPE instead. Look. I don't do electrical. I never have. But even I know it has to be against code to simply tuck a mess of wires into a box you're no longer using and drywall over it. Thank goodness I'd never tried to drill a hole for something up there. Anyway, the bathroom stayed like that - with missing chunks in the wall and peeling triple coloured paint for a very long time. Months. I thought that having to look at it would make me fix it faster. Not really. Then one day I'd had enough of waiting for the money to do it right and bought two rolls of textured wallpaper and papered over the whole darned thing. How is that making it right, you ask? Well it isn't, obviously. But I'd bought a lovely new light fixture to replace the hideous mess on the wall above the sink but had no one (free) to hook it up for me. If was just a simple replacing like with like job I might have been desperate enough to attempt it. But not with that wire nest in the wall. I also didn't have a 3'x3' piece of drywall to patch over the cabinet when I removed it. So I painted it white, wallpapered over everything and when I get the money I'll have someone fix the wire mess, install the light and I'll scrounge a piece of drywall from somewhere. I have extra wallpaper to fix it again. Now what does this have to do with a toilet? Well, my plan for the bathroom is two tiered. I don't want to do a full reno by ripping out the drywall completely, with the ugly tiles, and install insulation (there currently is none) until such time as I can afford to replace the Jacuzzi tub with a brand new one. So, the plan was/is to install tile board over the old ugly tile, install a new, but cheap, floor, paint the current vanity, get a new sink, vanity top and taps and a new toilet. So why did I not purchase the new toilet when I saw it? Because the timing is all wrong. The pool is sucking all my money. My next project is to finish my daughter's room and if I get the toilet that means I have to commit to ripping out the old one thereby creating a need to install the tile board and new floor while there is no toilet in the way. Simply can't be done. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that the infamous $89 toilet will reappear again at a more opportune time.

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