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Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18, 2010

I haven't been able to work on the pool much this week. Unfortunately it's still not clear and the chlorine levels have dropped even with the chlorinator on high. I've added water clarifier today and will be vacuuming in about an hour to see where things stand. I can see the vacuum line and the jets in the side of the pool so visibility has improved. Unfortunately, after a day away from home with the pump off I turned it on to find that it's not holding prime and is surging. Research reveals that this may be an air leak in my last usable intake line (wouldn't surprise me), a blockage in the pipes somewhere (possible with the sludge vacuum I've done) or damage to the impeller (also possible). Sigh. One more thing for them to look at fixing when the rest of the work is done.

I realize that I haven't yet had a chance to upload any photos or even talk about the rest of the house yet. Not everything is about the pool and garden, it just seems that way lately! I'll have to organize myself and chart the progress so far inside the house. It doesn't feel like much but I bet once I see it "on paper" so to speak I'll realize I have in fact made progress here.

In other news, the kitchen faucet has decided to start working again....yay.

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